Boom Lifts

Boom lifts offer a large working envelope and can reach either straight up or horizontally. There are 2 different types of self-propelled boom lifts – Straight or Articulated boom. Articulated booms will reach up and over obstacles whereas straight booms are unable to bend but offer greater outreach. Our range includes both diesel and battery-operated machines for indoor and outdoor applications.  

Using a boom lift offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Height Access: Reach elevated work areas with ease, ensuring safer and more efficient operations.
  2. Versatility: Adapt to various job site requirements with different boom lift types, including articulating and telescopic models.
  3. Safety: Provides a stable platform with safety features like harness attachment points and controls for precise positioning.
  4. Efficiency: Boost productivity by reducing manual labour and completing tasks more quickly.
  5. Manoeuvrability: Easily navigate through tight spaces and uneven terrain with models equipped with wheels or tracks.

To discuss your requirements and availability of Boom Lifts in Inverness call our office on 01463 235545

Haulotte Star 8-10
Snorkel A38e
Genie Z-34
Skyjack SJ46 AJ
JCB A45EH – Coming Soon
Genie Z-45
Skyjack SJ63 AJ
Genie Z-60
Skyjack SJ60 AJ+
Skyjack SJ66T
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