Trailer & Tracked

Trailer Booms 

Trailer booms whilst having similar working duties to self-propelled boom lifts offer a lightweight alternative relying on the use of outriggers legs for stability compared to ballast weights on the self-propelled booms. The trailer booms can be towed to site allowing customers to collect with a suitable towing vehicle. Once on site slow speed drive systems allow the machine to be positioned accurately into the required position, the outrigger legs also allow the machine to be leveled out on small gradients. 

Tracked Booms 

Tracked booms offer the same similarities as self-propelled booms but being mounted on a tracked chassis allows them to be very maneuverable and offer very low ground bearing capacities. Tracked booms have a very narrow travel width making them ideal for jobs with restricted access width, once in position outrigger legs are used for stability and leveling. 

Nifty 120T
Nifty TD150
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